Bub City Rosemont

Blue Rose – 10.4.24 Headshot

Blue Rose

October 18, 2024

09:30 PM

With their eclectic tune selection spanning ‘the greats’ across genres and decades, Blue Rose offers head boppin’ and feet tappin’ tunes for virtually any music lover. From
The Eagles, to Alanis Morissette, to the Lumineers, to Miley Cyrus, JRT plays songs you know
and love.

Their commitment to putting their own artistic and high quality spin on every song they cover,
makes them a fun, unique and enjoyable band to listen to. Come to a JRT show prepared to sing
along and put those dancing shoes to use!

JRT is a group of friends and neighbors deeply committed to their craft as individual and
collaborative musicians, and performing entertaining shows for you to enjoy!

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