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Jake Francis – 3.29.24 Headshot

Jake Francis

March 29, 2024

10:00 PM

Jake grew up in Coral Springs, Florida where he spent his childhood chasing his dream in sports. Through lots of dedication and hard work Jake began his career in professional golf after high school. While his career in golf was short, it taught Jake that the person who works the hardest is going to be the most successful. He took this mentality with him as he bought a small produce farm in Central Florida where he grew and sold vegetables to the local community, stores, and restaurants. This was the hardest work Jake had ever done in his life and Florida heat didn’t help. For his 21st birthday he and his girlfriend planned a trip that would change Jake’s life forever. He had always had a love for music but never expected for the abundance of passion to fill his soul when he walked into the then Swingin’ Door Saloon (Now Loser’s) in downtown Nashville one night. The solo artist, Carlton Anderson, on stage had such a swagger about his performance. It lit a fire so much that Jake came back home and decided to pick up guitar playing as a hobby. Through the next 5 years Jake would practice nearly every day and wrote his first song about 3 months after learning guitar. Music became a huge part of his life during a devastating divorce in 2019 that caused him to sell his farm and move back home. Little did he know, this life change would open the doors that lead him to a full time career as a Nashville Recording Artist but that leap did not come quickly. While Jake figured out what was next for his life and kept his head above water, he went back to his roots, sports. He began caddying for best friend and PGA Player, Curtis Thompson. Spending upwards of 15-18 week stretches on the road, Jake never failed to leave his guitar behind. This is where he wrote his best music. 


Like much of the world, everything stopped during The Quarantine. This gave Jake some downtime to start posting covers on TikTok and Instagram just for fun to pass time. To his surprise, people started liking his content and it sparked a thought in the back of his mind that music could be a career for him but he wasn’t ready to leap. After Quarantine, Curtis and Jake as a team were starting to peak. They won the Evans Scholar Invitational in September of 2020. Yet in the back of Jake’s mind he was always dreaming of music. With the end of the season nearing, Jake gave his notice with 4 tournaments left, thinking “If I don’t do it now, I’m never going to do it.” 


Jake started his music career in South Florida in 2020 playing at a local Golf Course and a few bars around town. While gaining his momentum and with the full support of his girlfriend, they planned the cross country move to Nashville. Jake dreamed of moving to Nashville to become a songwriter. In May of 2021 those dreams became a reality. 


Like every new artist in town, Jake had to prove himself. After a few short months of reaching out to bars and writers rounds, he finally got his shot. While playing on Broadway and anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first baby, Jake released his debut single “What I’ve Been Missing” in October 2021. With great reviews and response Jake followed up with “ With You By My Side” in Spring of 2022 which has over 66k streams and views on YouTube to date.


When Jake is not writing with fellow songwriters or playing with his band, you can find him spending time with his wife, Marissa and sons, Montgomery & Copper or riding his horse, Marley, out on his farm in Joelton. With three new singles to be released in early 2024, stay tuned for new music and tour dates.


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