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Dad Strength – 2.10.24 Headshot

Dad Strength

February 10, 2024

10:00 PM

The lawn is freshly cut, the grill is fired up, and the brews are waiting in the garage. You’re all set to lounge in your favorite recliner for the night… until you remember you promised Nance you’d take her out. Well, if you’re going to be forced to be social, you might as well see your favorite band in the process…

The Midwest’s music scene has a new heavyweight contender, and they go by the name of Dad Strength – the band that’s lifting the bar on rock and roll. With a name like Dad Strength, you might think this band is all about dad jokes and flannel shirts. But once they hit the stage, it’s clear that these dads have serious musical chops. Their live performances are electric, with an energy that could power the entire Windy City. From guitar riffs that will make your hair stand on end to drum solos that will leave you breathless, Dad Strength brings an unmatched level of musicianship to every show. So tuck in your shirt, grab your favorite beer, and get ready to rock with Dad Strength!

​Dad Strength was formed in 2019, but the roots for the band were planted over a decade ago when singer/guitarist Nick Kirincich and drummer Branden Ferro joined forces as high schoolers to play covers and rock venues all across the southwest Chicago suburbs. Over the years, this dynamic duo continued to play music together and along the way forged alliances with guitarist Nick Brozovich, bassist Chris Bourg, and keyboardist Marc Vertin. The combined skill, experience, and chemistry between these five musicians make Dad Strength stand out among their peers for their fun, energetic, and unique performances. This quintet is available for bars, festivals, and other events to provide the musical muscle that only Dad Strength can flex.

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