Bub City Rosemont

Chris James & Lloyd Snyder – 7.28.22 Headshot

Chris James & Lloyd Snyder

July 28, 2022

9:00 PM

Starting fresh in 2020, Chris James is on a journey to showcase positivity and fun through his upbeat lyrics and melodies. He puts his own spin on the typical singer-songwriter sound with his guitar heavy, soulful tracks. With his warm twist on pop melodies and romantic lyrics, James will be one you have stuck in your head for months to come.

Lloyd Snyder is a Chicago based singer, guitarist, and entertainer. He started playing music at 7 years old, and since 2009, Lloyd has been playing guitar with many of the top bands in Chicago – even working his way up to backing up Bruno Mars in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve 2018. Lloyd plays with live loops, bringing every song to life and even making it possible to fill a dance floor with just an acoustic guitar. Classic and Contemporary hits. Unstoppable when it comes to requests. Come see them live!

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