Bub City Chicago

Broseph Tucker Band – 5.31.24 Headshot

Broseph Tucker Band

May 31, 2024

10:00 PM

Broseph Tucker Band, a powerhouse quartet comprising Dave Barnes, Tucker Barnes, Hunter Clubb, and Greg Gill. This High Energy Party Country Rock Band isn’t just music; it’s a full-blown experience that keeps the party going from dusk till dawn, seamlessly blending the best of country’s newest artists, 80s/90s rock and original music with a raw, unapologetic energy. The release of their original song “In The Styx” in 2023, stands as a landmark moment in Broseph Tucker’s career. This track showcases the band’s ability to craft narratives that resonate with the soul, capturing the essence of their unique sound. Broseph Tucker Band has seamlessly blended their unique style with some of the brightest names in country and rock, creating a musical tapestry that’s as diverse as it is compelling.

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