Bub City Rosemont

Bad Hand Band – 4.9.23 Headshot

Bad Hand Band

April 9, 2023

12:00 PM

Hello! We’re excited to come out and play at Bub City. Here’s a few photos of the band, I figured more options the better lol. We are a folk/bluegrass band from the south side of Chicago. Mike is on mandolin, Daniel is on guitar, and Brendan is on bass, but, we tend to swap instruments from time to time. We all do vocals, but Mike is our main vocalist. We all grew up listening to different styles of music and experimented in many different projects. One project Mike and Brendan had going was a group called DabHand, which is an Irish slang term for the word “expert”, as in we are Dabhand musicians. That project was fun, but then we decided to go a completely different direction with the music. Danny started jamming with us on guitar, giving Mike more room to play mandolin. Mike had the idea of doing more folk/bluegrass style music instead of the material we were used too. At first, as a joke, we just switched the D and the B in DabHand and became BadHand. After playing some open mics, we became known to play peoples barbecues, as well as other private events. Eventually, the wonderful United Talent picked us up and we’ve been very grateful for that. They have provided us with so many unique opportunities to play at different venues and events, which has just been so much fun. We hope to continue playing in as many different areas as we possibly can. Regardless of where this journey goes though, we will still play your barbecue. And that’s a promise.

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