Bub City Rosemont

Back Country Boys – 7.14.22 Headshot

Back Country Boys

July 14, 2022

9:00 PM

Michael and Colton met at a local coffee shop.   Michael was playing a one man show at the coffee shop and Colton was looking for new work to help offset college expenses.  A friendship began and soon after they were performing together.   Not long after Brayden joined as their percussionist and CBM Band was formed.

In less than a year, CBM Band evolved from opening for other bands to becoming the Back Country Boys and the headliner at some of Southwest Florida’s most popular venues.  Initially, the band’s set list included country and rock covers from the 70’s to today’s top hits.  They are now introducing Back Country Boys original material during performances.

The Back Country Boys band continues to collaborate in the creation of new melodies and is working in studio on their first album.

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